Engage Customers

Engage consumers around your brand message.

  • Hundreds of influencers write about your brand message, with their own creative take on the theme.
  • You can specify brand guidelines to ensure that the content aligns with your needs, while retaining the authenticity that made the influencer popular in the first place.

Inspire comments and social sharing through trusted voices.

  • Our influencers have built their followings through a proven ability to inspire an emotional connection with their audience.
  • Each influencer will convey your brand message in a way that inspires action and engagement, driving likes, shares and traffic until their goal is met.
  • On average, Linqia programs drive 50% more organic engagement than other providers because of our unique performance model.

Discover what content resonates most with your audience.

  • Get real-time visibility into performance, including comments, likes, re-tweets, pins and shares about the influencer content.
  • Apply those learnings to future programs to increase the effectiveness of your messaging and creative.







“We saw a lift in engagement on our social channels from our Linqia influencer program. On Facebook, people asked questions and started conversations about Natrol’s products, taking the engagement level deeper than just a like or share. On top of that, we got a huge bump on our Twitter feed.”


Customer Case Studies

The Linqia Platform: Supercharge your Content Marketing

Linqia takes the pain out of influencer marketing through a powerful platform that is managed alongside a proven process. The result is an “always on” content machine that delivers incredible results for your brand.

  • Discover the best influencers based on geographic, demographic and interest graph data.
  • Match based on who has proven they can deliver great results for your brand.
  • Run a Storybook program to engage consumers with your brand story over time.
  • Analyze the influencer content to determine which nuanced approaches perform best.
  • Optimize future flights and programs based on those results.

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