The Challenge

Thymes, an independent bath, body, and home fragrance company committed to artisan craftsmanship and dedicated to deepening connections through the love of fragrance, wanted to increase brand awareness in a highly targeted and cost efficient way. Thymes knew it could reach its target audience with an influencer marketing campaign of authentic content, but it also needed the awareness to generate product sales. Additionally, Thymes required the influencer-generated original content adhere to the same high quality standards as its brand, maintaining a luxury aesthetic through an authentic lens.

The Solution

Thymes partnered with Linqia to launch an influencer marketing program designed to raise awareness with a new audience, a “look-alike” of its most profitable demographic (women age 25 – 55). With Thymes’ goal to position the products as an upscale gift option in mind, Linqia created a two-flight influencer marketing program targeting consumers leading up to Mother’s Day and the winter holidays. Linqia matched Thymes with 71 “power-middle” influencers, who are defined as individuals with audience between 10,000 and 250,000. Each influencer’s audience reached women age 25 – 55 with a propensity to gift luxury home fragrances.

In the first flight, Linqia’s influencers created content about the meaning of Mother’s Day gifts and shared memories of maternal figures in their lives, tying in the role scent plays in memory and highlighting Thymes as a thoughtful gift option for the special women in their lives. During the second flight influencers shared their favorite Thymes fragrances for capturing the warm feelings and traditions surrounding the holidays. They also shared how Thymes products adds a festive touch to holiday decorations and included curated gift guides featuring their favorite Thymes fragrances.

The content from Linqia influencers resonated deeply with their audiences, driving 423% more purchases than the target goal and inspiring over 15,000 visits to the Thymes landing page. Additionally, program content generated 10.9 million potential impressions, resulting in over 17,000 online engagements, 714% more than the program goal. Linqia’s influencers created over 1,000 pieces of original content, including blog stories, photos, and social posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. As part of Linqia’s influencer marketing program, Thymes can repurpose the influencer content in their online marketing initiatives and on their paid and owned social channels.

The Results

  • The Thymes influencer program generated 10.9M potential impressions.
  • Linqia influencers’ sponsored blog posts generated more than 4x the purchases expected.
  • Audience members engaged with the blog and social media posts in this program 17,164 times.
  • Linqia influencers created 1,062 pieces of original content for this program